Production and composition courses.

Become a professional Music Producer and express your personality with my Online Courses.

It is not like before… 

Nowadays, your home can be your own recording studio.

Yes, just like that.

In the old days, producing and recording your own material with a good quality was a complicated business: you needed to find a professional recording studio, near your city, that meets your necessity.

The same happens when you are struggling to find a producer that really understands your music.

Now, let me tell you one thing: you deserve to have your own songs the way you’ve always dreamt.

Then, why should you be content with that?
The best option is to learn how to do it.

What Courses do I offer?

My courses are perfectly designed for your necessity, so that you can learn a method following
a clear path and instructions



Meet the production results that you’ve always dreamt about. Start producing, recording and mixing your own music.



Take your songs to the next level. You will learn to compose your songs by having a strong base in Music Theory and Arrangements.

In resume, each one of this courses will help you to:

In addition, it will give you the advantage of choosing each take, plugin or FX, being sure that you are making the best
decisions towards your Music.

Some reviews about my courses

Excellent, he explains everything very well. Very cool and super professional. Highly recommend all his courses.
Matías Aghem