Music Production Courses. You will learn how to record, mix and edit audio with professional quality.

Each course has been designed in a way so that you will learn a completed, structured and well designed method.


Recording and Mixing
(Level 1)

Production and mixing course for beginners.


Advanced Mixing and Mastering (Level 2)

Production and mixing course for intermediate / advanced level.


Pro Tools
1 & 2

Transform you capabilities and bring your songs to life.

In resume, every one of my courses will help you to:

It will also give the advantage of being able to choose each take, plugin or effect, to make sure that you are making the best decisions in terms of what the song needs.

Excellent and very clear content, Gonzalo always answering questions and concerns we have. In two years I learned a lot, I'm already one step away from producing my songs.
Renzo Lazzarini